Luona’s reception services

As a partner of the Finnish Immigration Service, we provide reception services for asylum seekers in the capital region.

Luona reception services

Luona reception centres primarily serve as transit centres, at which customers stay for a few nights directly after crossing the border. After this, the aim is to transfer these customers to another centre and more permanent housing. Our reception centres provide food to those staying there.

We also serve customers staying in private accommodation (with friends or relatives, for example) at our private accommodation service points in Espoo, Vantaa and Helsinki.

At our reception centres, customers receive services from social and health care professionals, such as social workers, social counsellors, nurses and public health nurses, practical nurses, counsellors and benefits administrators. 



Digital Reception Service DigiVOK

DigiVOK is a digital service service for private housing customers. Custoemrs are able to receive counceling and advice from us via videocalls, where intrepreter is connected to the call.

Vantaa Reception Centre and private accommodation service unit

Robert Huberin tie 3
01510 Vantaa
Telephone: 050 466 9601  (Counselling 24/7)

Nihtisilta Transit Reception Centre and Espoo Private Accommodation Service Unit

Kutojantie 10
02630 Espoo
Telephone: 050 478 7735 (Counselling 24/7)

Espoo Reception Centre

Ylämyllyntie 7 C 61
02740 Espoo
Telephone: 045 7820 4966 (Counselling 24/7)

Länsi-Uusimaa Housing-Based Reception Centre, Service Unit

Kutojantie 10
02630 Espoo
Telephone: 045 7820 4982 (Counselling 24/7)

Vantaa Housing-Based Reception Centre

Robert Huberin tie 3
01510 Vantaa
Telephone: 045 7820 4990  (Counselling 24/7)

Kirkkonummi Housing-Based Reception Centre, Service Unit

Seppä-Kallen kuja 2 C 95
02430 Masala
Telephone: 045 7820 4920 (Counselling 8-22)

Porvoo Housing-Based Reception Centre, Service Unit

Rauhankatu 14
06100 Porvoo
Telephone: 044 7787 264 (Counselling 8-22)

Järvenpää Housing-Based Reception Centre, Service Unit

Mannilantie 13 A 1
04400 Järvenpää
Telephone: 050 5569 967  (Counselling 8-22)

Loviisa, Service Unit, Porvoo Housing-Based Reception Centre

Koivulanmäentie 7 A 1
07970 Ruotsinpyhtää
Telephone: 044 4938 233  (Counselling 8-22)

Hyvinkää, Service Unit, Järvenpää Housing-Based Reception Centre

Sandelininkatu 1 B
05800 Hyvinkää
Telephone: 050 5543 875 (Counselling 8-22)

Reception services

Reception services are arranged by the reception centre with which an applicant for international protection or a recipient of temporary protection has registered. 

Reception services include accommodation, reception allowance and spending money, social and health care services, interpreter and translator services, as well as work and study activities. It also covers counselling and guidance in various daily affairs and affairs related to seeking asylum or temporary protection. Reception services may also include meals.

Visits to reception centers

Residents of the reception center can inquire about the center’s visitation practices from its staff. Due to privacy, visitors cannot be received in the accommodation floors.

Customers who are registering can bring a support person with them. The support person is also allowed to accompany them during official visits.

Living in a reception centre

Seekers of asylum or temporary protection are accommodated in a reception centre.

Living in private accommodation

Accommodation arrangements may also be self-directed, in which case it is called private accommodation. Families may also seek private accommodation. Reception centres do not connect customers with accommodation providers.

Temporary protection for refugees from Ukraine

Temporary protection is meant for people escaping the war in Ukraine. It is aimed at providing these people with quick, temporary protection. In Finland, temporary protection is sought personally by visiting the police or the border authority.

Ukrainians living in Finland and customers who have fled Ukraine are served by their own service number. Customers can call to the Finnish Immigration Service in matters related to, for example, temporary protection. The customer service number is 0295 790 605, Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 15:30. At the service number, we advise in Ukrainian, English, Finnish and Swedish.

Applying for asylum

In Finland, asylum is sought personally by visiting the police or the border authority. Applications cannot be submitted at the reception centre. After submitting an application, the applicant is guided to reception centre services.

The police and border authority may also guide a person to a reception centre if deemed in immediate need of accommodation, even before filing an application.

Municipal model of the City of Helsinki

Luona and the City of Helsinki offer refugees from Ukraine accommodation in the city’s privately financed rental apartments. These apartments are already being furnished and will be ready to house their first residents from as early as mid-July.

Private accommodation customers living in the City of Helsinki region can apply for accommodation in line with the municipal model. To do this, they have to complete the application form that is available from their private accommodation service unit; it can also be printed out from the link below. Customers can either submit the application to their private accommodation service unit or send it as an email attachment to Applications are processed once per week in a cooperation meeting between Luona, the Helsinki Reception Centre and the City of Helsinki. There are a limited number of apartments, and the selection is made according to need-based criteria. Selected applicants will be notified about the selection decision within approx. one month from submitting the application.

Contact a Luona social worker for more information and advice on the municipal model by calling the telephone number 045 7884 4362 between 9–10 a.m. on Thursdays (call-back service), by sending an email to, or by visiting the reception of the Valimotie private accommodation service unit during its opening hours.

Social and health care services

Examples of the support that the reception centres offer are discussions with a social worker or a social counsellor, crisis work, settlement of conflict situations, and advice and guidance in everyday situations.

Reception centres organise health care services. A person can seek health care services by contacting the reception centre where they have registered.

Reception allowance

A seeker of asylum or temporary protection may receive financial assistance for necessary basic needs. Reception allowance is applied for at the reception centre where the individual is a customer.

Donations and volunteer work

For enquiries and other affairs, contact tel. 050 479 5767 (Mon-Fri at 8 to 16) or

Further information on offering help to Ukrainians is available on the Finnish Ministry of the Interior website.

Helping Ukrainians – Ministry of the Interior (


EU member countries are exercising flexibility with regard to the movement of pets with refugees from the war in Ukraine. Ukrainian refugees may therefore bring their pets with them. Those entering the country with pets should arrange their accommodation themselves (private accommodation), but this is not possible for everyone.

Riihimäki Reception Centre accommodates those seekers of asylum and temporary protection arriving with pets. At the reception centres, pets are provided with care according to the Finnish Food Authority’s veterinary care instructions.

Printable instructions for people fleeing Ukraine

You can print out customer instructions from the Finnish Immigration Service website.

Frequently asked questions about Russia’s attack on Ukraine